Enakor auction house is delighted to announce Vladimir Kavaldhzhiev: artist, painter, one part auction comprising an extraordinary collection of more than 100 pieces of art collected by Manya Kavaldhzhieva, artist’s daughter.

The live auction will take place in Sofia on 12th Оctober with a following online sale from 19.00 h.

The collection is inspired by late Asocc. Professor Ruzha Marinska who was the first to revive the artist’s work.

The auction „Romania in the work of Vladimir Kavaldhzhiev“ is focused on a key moment of the artist’s life– the unfolding of his artistic career – his stay in Romania within the framework of the Bulgarian-Romanian agreement on cultural cooperation in the fall of 1948.

The two-month trip in Romania as well as the following sojourn there during the first half of 1949 have left a significant impact in Kavaldhzhiev’s artwork, also marking the peak of his painting career.

The collection includes paintings excluded from the period of 1949 as pretentious and for that reason stored in the archive of the painter. Those are remarkable pieces of art, unique about that very period during which blooms the special sensitivity to colour and light, starting a new trend in the Bulgarian art, followed by cultural reforms.

About Vladimir Kavaldzhiev

Born in 1908 in Turnovo, Bulgaria. He studied at the State Academy of Arts, Sofia under Prof. Tseno Todorov. Famous for his unique bright colours, light, full of life and lots of sunshine. Influenced by the people of Romania in the period of 1948, the natural and social context in which they exist.

Kavaldzhiev exhibited in several European cities at the time: Sofia, Berlin, Budapest.

Died in Sofia, on 2nd October 1988. His personal collections are stored in the Central State Archive in Sofia.

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