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On 21 March the magic of colour and music filled up the gallery of Auction House Enakor. The seventh exhibition of Ema Yordanova “The Music of the Watercolours and Still Life” was opened in front of the many fans of the art of the talented painter, her friends, professors and many art connoisseur.

This is the third exhibition of Ema Yordanova that Auction Hose Enakor is hosting and includes landscapes and still life exploring colour and its role in nature and the way it resonates in us.

The exhibition was opened by Yulia Varbanova – founder and owner of Auction House Enakor, Rossitsa Gicheva-Meimeri, PhD- curator of the exhibition and author of the two articles about the work of the artists, and Ema Yordanova.

The visitors were impressed and inspired by the exhibited paintings, and a big portion of them were sold during the evening.

Due to the high interest, the exhibition will continue until 11th April.

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