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For those who missed the June one, don’t worry, there is a second chance in coming October. Make sure this time you attend and purchase your own souvenir as a memory.

On 21-22.10 weekend our 5th annual antique fair together with the Union of Antique Dealers in Bulgaria will take place at Slaveykov Square, in the heart of Sofia.

The fair has grown considerably over the last 2 years since its launch. In 2021 It had 4 exhibitors, while this June it had over 15 including major galleries such as Enakor Auction house. Various well known antique shops from Sofia are attending the fair with their unique flair and good vibes.

This fair has been beloved for its uniqueness, hospitality and openness. In fact it was proved being more appealing than originally thought. The fair serves both communities and visitors. 

Among the most interesting items according to the experts are: a XIX century brooch, a silver plated WMF figure of a ballet dancer and many collectable items.

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