Online Auction Rules


To participate in the online auction you must register on the website by filling in a username, e-mail and password, after which you will receive a confirmation email. Registration can be done before or during the online auction.


The bidding is carried out by writing in the empty field the amount you want, which must be equal to or greater than the announced starting price. This process happens automatically if you previously have entered the final amount for you.

You can participate in the bidding through a written offer or request it in advance by the phone. Auction house • ENAKOR • is not responsible for technical problems that may prevent contact with the participant by phone.

Download the form


The form for the written offer can be taken from the Auction House • ENAKOR •, 30 Denkoglu Str., or downloaded from the last page of the catalog. The address for sending is Auction House • ENAKOR •, 30 Denkoglu Str., 1000 Sofia or by e-mail: . When there are several identical written offers for same object, priority is given the first by time of receiving.


The lots follow chronologically. Successful is the highest and last offer.


The objects can be seen before the date of the auction in the Auction House • ENAKOR •, 30 Denkoglu Str. during working hours – from 10:30am to 7:00pm. No claims can be made by buyers after a purchase. The auction house is not responsible for hidden defects.


The starting price can be seen in the catalog next to the photo of each object. The prices are in Bulgarian lev.


The step for bidding in the online auction is: Up to BGN 100 – BGN 10, from 100 up to BGN 500 – BGN 20, from BGN 500 up to BGN 1000 – BGN 50, fromBGN 1000 up to BGN 5000 BGN100, above BGN 5000 – BGN 200, The auction house may withdraw a certain object from the auction without explaining the reasons for its decision.

** The bidding step can be changed in each auction, please see the last pages of the respective auction in which you want to participate.


Additionally, on the achieved price of each sold object, the buyer pays a premium for the auction house in the amount of 15% of the price at which the object was won. For example: If the object is sold for BGN 100, the price the buyer pays is BGN 115.


Payment for the sold items can be made immediately after the auction or within four working days from the date of its holding. It can be done through the virtual POS terminal directly on our website, by bank transfer, in cash or by card in the gallery of the auction house.

The bank account of ENAKOR Auction House in BGN is:  IBAN: BG53 FINV 9150 1000 0006 90 BIC: FINVBGSF

The bank account of ENAKOR Auction House in EURO is:  IBAN: BG53 FINV 9150 1000 0006 90 BIC: FINVBGSF IBAN: BG16FINV91501015929629 BIC: FINVBGSF

When the amount is or exceeds BGN 10,000, the payment must be made by bank transfer. If a participant does not pay for the object the amount he has earned together with the premium for the auction house within 7 working days and after a reminder, then the auction house has the right to offer this object to another client and reserves the right to take all necessary steps under Bulgarian law to compensate for its losses from the actions of the buyer who has given up. Also, the auction house has the right not to allow this buyer any more at its auction.


Receipt of the objects takes place immediately after their payment. In case of payment by bank transfer, the receipt is made after confirmation by the bank that the entire amount has been transferred to the account of the auction house. Sending by courier company takes up to three working days (for Bulgaria). For international shipping the auction house will contact you for detailed information.


All of the objects from the auction have the needed documentation according to the Bulgarian Law.


Auction House „ENAKOR“ is a single limited liability company with headquarters: 44 Yanko Sakazov blvd, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria license No. RU02-3 / 09.2016 by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria to perform tendering activity and permit No. РУ02-0002 / 23.11.2011. by the Ministry of Culture for carrying out commercial activity with identified cultural values.

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